School Supplies

Students will need basic school materials (pencils, pens, backpack, a notebook and folder) for the first day of school. Individual teachers may request more specific materials necessary for their class during the first few days of school.

 Grade 8 Math: Student-Parent info 2019-2020 Math 8.pdf
 Algebra: Student-Parent info 2019-2020 Algebra.pdf

Grade 7 Math: math72019.pdf

Grade 8 English/Language Arts Supply List

7th Grade ELA supply list:

 A 1 inch solid color binder (with interior pockets)
 5 binder tabs
Lined paper (college ruled)
A pencil pouch
Dry Eraser Marker
2 Mechanical Pencils
Extra Lead
Composition Notebook (A. Smith and Miller only)
1 Box of Kleenex
1 Container of Clorox Wipes

** All of these supplies will stay in the classroom**

7th and 8th Grade Social Studies supply list:

• 2 notebooks (these fill up if used the way we ask them to be used)
• pencils (mechanicals are easiest with extra lead!) or pens at student’s preference
• Binder for organization if needed (this does not have to be just for social studies)
• agenda - purchased for $5 in homeroom
• a pencil pouch is very useful!
• folder
• we also will gladly accept Kleenex, disinfectant wipes, colored pencils, extra folders, extra notebooks, extra pencils, handheld sharpeners, glue bottles, and small scissors which are all handy to have around as extra when students go through their supplies.

Technology Class: GTT

Mechanical pencils 
Plastic folder with 2 pockets AND 3 prongs 
graph paper (loose leaf to go in folder)
Glue sticks
USB drive

French/Intro to French:

Binder or notebook with folder specifically for French/Intro to French for everyday
Set of white index cards
Colored pencils/markers
Paper and pen/pencil for everyday